Sunday, June 14, 2009

Installment 6 – I could sleep in those eye bags for days!

Before we begin with this episode, I must say that this is dedicated to a dear person, whose funky dreamin’-mind inspired this particular post. Thanks JonnyDunMind!!!

Now, when it comes to puffy eyes (or eye bags, for that matter), there are all the things you should and shouldn’t do to help the situation – don’t rub them like crazy, drink lots of water, quit with the salt licks, and so on and so forth. You already know all of this. You’ve probably tried it. You’ve also probably tried teabags and cucumbers. Quick and effective fixes, sure. But really more of a hangover-eye cure. So here are a few simple recipes that will get those eyes shining and puff-free in no time.

First, there’s the egg and potata’s recipe. Yea, you could fry’em up for a hearty breakfast, but that’ll only serve to make your eyes swell, right? So instead, whip an egg white or two thoroughly, and coat those bags, baby. While you’re letting that sit, wash a potato really well (on top of everything else, you don’t need potato germs in your eye), slice off the skin and cut the potatoes. Now you’ll want to cut them up even thinner until they’re a pulpy mess. Next, wrap up your potato mash in a fine cloth, wipe away the egg and sit back with your new potato eye pouches pressed to your face. Now, I realize this sounds completely made up, but here are the facts: 1. Egg whites leave skin feeling tight, and reduce the general appearance of eye bags, while 2. The starch from the potato acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and will help reduce the swelling. Viola!

The next recipe is quicker, and a little girlier. Take a tablespoon of honey, mix in some vitamin E oil, and rosewater. Mix this concoction really well, place a few cotton balls in the bowl, and let it sit at the back of the refrigerator for about a half hour (or however long it takes to get really, really chilly). Take the mixture and cotton balls out of the ‘fridge and coat your eyes (you can even do the upper lids if that makes ya happy), lay back and let the cotton rest on your eyes for five to ten minutes. Not only will the chill help the swelling go down, but the other ingredients will help with the inflammation.

Of course, there are many other non-herbal-type remedies you could use – some of which are for the quick fix mode when you gotta get out in a hurry. One over the counter remedy, of course, is Preparation H used once or twice a week. You could also try sleeping at a slight incline to encourage proper circulation; or try wetting, than freezing a washrag so that you can give your eyes a quick shot of cool in the morning. Gentle facial massage is also said to be helpful for keeping things moving in the right direction.

In our next installment… I Need To Go Where (Part 1)?!


  1. Thanks! :)
    I'll have to dive into my mums aromatherapy stuff when I go home next, I'll have all the aromatherapy things at hand.

    And rosewater is incredible on skin. It's really amazing, I cannot believe how well it helps it to heal. It's amazing this stuff is overlooked by many.

  2. im really ugly so i guess im going to need some of your stuff lol.